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Self preservation is a full time occupation

26 July 1985
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I was born and raised in the Mitten, I now live elsewhere and occasionally think a little bit more than fondly of moving back to the land of lakes and trees..but there is all that snow..

My journal is 98% Friends Locked.

If you add me as a friend with no comment or message or anything, I will not add you back. -- If you want to be my LJ buddy send me a quick note saying how you found me or why you want to be my friend. It doesn't seem unreasonable to me, to want to (at least) get a "hey" or "hello" from someone who wants to read any of the perceived "good stuff." Which by the way, mostly consists of silly drivel about menstruating, crafty things, and occasionally reflects the insides of my brain literally exploding. Don't be scared, if you want to be my LJ buddy, just shoot me message and I'll more than likely add you back. If you just want to read along for the C-Pop Commodities updates, that's cool too, but don't expect me to friend you back.

Oh yeah, be aware! I curse like a sailor and talk about my cunt and menstruation a lot...if you don't like that sort of thing, you should probably just leave now. As to the name...I may or may not necessarily hate you. Don't let the name fool you, just accept it's about my generally misanthropic nature.

Just for the sake of clarity, I keep this journal for me. No one else. If you don't like what I say, don't read it.

I create things, then i sell them on etsy: C-Pop Commodities

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These quotes send shivers down my spine:

"Love is the result of a deep communication, puny life mocking power, and horrible beauty all coming together, in auspiciousness and awe, with liberty and justice for all. Love is giving up kidney so someone can live, holding someone close when they are frightened or scared. Love is knowing everyone has failings and keeping them ever more close to your heart. Love accepts failure, your own as well as other people's. Love is making food, cleaning house, driving out a winter chill with hot cocoa, feeling absolute rapture when you give your lover an orgasm, sewing up a teddy bear or hot gluing a doll's hair back on, and listening to a sordid tale and not passing judgment. Love is forking over money to a homeless person, giving your clothes to a domestic violence shelter, washing the windows for an elderly person and walking the kids to the swimming pool. Love goes on and on and on. It is positively endless and cannot be defined in two short sentences about deep affection and romance." - Inga La Gringa

"Violence does not exist in a vacuum - it has concentric properties. Like screams into the Grand Canyon, acts of violence echo back so many times it is impossible to discern the precise point at which they end. Repercussions of all of this great violence live on in our everyday lives." - Inga La Gringa

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